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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  March 18, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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government is the way it is organized and peopled. >> it organized bien on the congressional. >> lou: thank you you for joining us tonight. . there you are. 93 percent. ♪ >> it's crazy. >> don't call me crazy.
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john: dangerous to disagree. >> stopped. >> you are an arrogant jerk. john: let's break up with government. >> we are done. john: that is our show tonight. john: what was that odd film clip i just aired? it is a new series that actually is about breaking up with government designed to make the problems caused by government more accessible to people, but it is an overbearing boyfriend. the series is called love go and has gotten nearly 2 million views. >> i know that we just met.
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john: we will debate that premise. i shouldn't do a show on this too many young people seem to love government.
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people like austin peterson who runs the website libertarian republic .com. you have the same name is a star on the film. john: u are a ngime libertarian. you have now wch this. >> when you see him getting all of the sons of thousands of young people you know that something like this is being shared. >> this facebook post that says it is in name, that is what we need. maybe the libertarians need our own reality show. john: someone did supply, at no time has the majority been interested in raw
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knowledge. this we will do more than any lecture. >> they say that it does not take a majority to succeed. i think it was only 3 percent of the people the support of the revolution. perhaps we can have our own. john: almost all the media pushes big government anticapitalist message. here is a clip from the highest grossing movie of all time. avatars billing is a mining company. >> this little gray rock cells from million a kilo. john: to get it they destroy the indigenous peoples land. you guys consumed this. does it not make you mad? >> pop culture gets people going. take the story of game of thrones and to contrast that to limited government.
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one of our heroes talks about the nightwatchman state, and it is similar to the situation. all of a sudden tens of thousands are reading about menarche and there interested in pop culture 1st. maybe that is the way to do it. john: you have learned more about these things through the students for liberty group. >> there is a large and growing inteional liberty movement which is a hopeful sign. john: how do you know it is growing? >> students are registering for our regional convention. we are really seeing a huge movement for liberty. the million man march earlier this year in brazil, and hong kong has seen the revolution for liberty as well, and there is an international presence excited about limited government and personal responsibility.
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i was interested in socialism at 1st,, and i was buying into -- john: like a lot of young people. >> buying into the idea that government was the solution. i started to read more and realize that the government is actually hurting more than helping. she realizes that the government is hurting her chances at a future. reading and learning and opening my eyes and reading law legislation and liberty. john: how did you get it? >> i was in an airport one day and picked up a book i'll give me a break. john: i have been waiting for someone to say this on this show. >> i wasi was shocked because you are saying that maybe prostitution should be legal. ii took a chance and learned more about it and realize that you were right.
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it is because of you that i here today. legitimately serious. that is why 3rd i'm going to run for president as a libertarian. john: you are running for the libertarian party nomination over gary johnson? >> i think i might be able to do better. a lot of young people are interested in these ideas and perhaps do not want an older guy, but libertarians -- >> or ron paul. >> but he had a chance and if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, maybe we ought to switch it up. john: one thing that bothers me is they pretrade the hero as a nerd which made the
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film say we wanted to be accurate. put her on the asp burgers spectrum. you kind of have to read. most of us are indoctrinated , but then we have to read books like this to break out of the conventional wisdom of what most people believe today. >> i think that it takes a lot of thought. >> if you look at the online numbers, one of the things you see his socialists have an enormous market share. conservatives have a small market share. we will see a demographic twist, the older generation --
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